Need an Ad-Rack?

40+ years of targeted tourist brochure distribution!

If you are a hotel needing a tourist brochure rack for your guests, please contact AD-RACK (must be in our service areas)

  • NO COST for participating hotels
  • Caters to tourists in primary visitors’ markets
  • Provides reliable and informative service to hotel guests
  • Generates business by promoting local/regional tourism experiences
  • Professional appearance to match hotel’s color scheme and decor
  • Serviced regularly to provide up to date literature at NO COST to hotel/guests
  • Offers hotel personnel and guests quick access to popular attractions

Our well-maintained brochure racks are prominent in many major hotels and motels along our service routes in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. We display literature in approximately 700 rack locations. We provide advertisers with brochure inventory usage information.

For more information, or to receive a brochure rack, contact AD-RACK at (502) 253-5454 or